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Version 1.9.3 - 23rd October 2011

Version 1.9.3 of AstroGrav is an upgrade containing a range of minor improvements and bug fixes. This information is intended for existing users who are already familiar with AstroGrav and want to quickly find out about the main changes. This is a free upgrade for customers who have already purchased a license, so that all you need to do is download Version 1.9.3 and use it in place of your old version. If you have any problems with this new version, please don't hesitate to contact us so that we can help you out.

Version 1.9.3 of AstroGrav has the following new and improved features.

Units and Notes Windows

Version 1.9.3 of AstroGrav includes a change to the way that Units and Notes windows are displayed. In earlier versions, these were displayed by using commands in the Edit menu, and it was impossible to interact with other parts of the user interface until the Units or Notes window was closed. In version 1.9.3, the Units and Notes windows are now displayed by using commands in the Window menu, and they can be left open for as long as you like while interacting with other parts of the user interface. Also, simulations can now be saved and reopened with their Units and Notes windows displayed if desired.

In version 1.9.3 of AstroGrav, the size of the font used in Notes windows has been reduced, allowing the display of more text within the same area.

Sample Simulations

Version 1.9.3 of AstroGrav includes the following updates to the sample simulations.

  • The Earth's Quasi-Moons sample simulation has been updated with the addition of asteroid 2010 SO16, and a change of start date to 27/08/2011. The text of the tutorial has been updated to correspond.
  • The Earth Trojan sample simulation has been added to the Solar System 2 sample simulations. This shows the asteroid 2010 TK7 on 27/08/2011, recently discovered to occupy a Trojan orbit with respect to the Earth.
  • The Units window has been added to many of the sample simulations.

Other Improvements

Version 1.9.3 of AstroGrav also has several other minor improvements, including the following.

  • A bug has been fixed that could cause the significant digits of position and speed quantities to get reduced to 4.
  • A bug has been fixed that caused a window with a tool palette to disappear when another application's window was clicked.
  • A bug has been fixed that sometimes prevented the angle cursor from being displayed on a view window when specifying an angle to display.
  • Number formatting has been improved so that unwanted zeros are no longer appended to quantities.
  • The 'auto correction' of quantities in the object editor has been modified, with the aim of making the automatic changes less intrusive.
  • The minimum size of windows has been increased from 160 x 160 pixels to 200 x 200 pixels.
  • Several minor performance optimizations have been made.