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Downloading the Sample Simulations

AstroGrav's sample simulations are available in seven different languages, each in the form of a ZIP file. The English sample simulations are included with the download of AstroGrav itself, but sample simulations for the other six languages can only be obtained from one of the links below.

The English sample simulations are also included here, as they may be useful if you've overwritten some of the originals and want to restore them, without going to all the trouble of downloading and installing the entire application again.

Click on one of the links below to download AstroGrav's sample simulations.

Deutsch  :  1.2 MB (1,170,866 bytes)

English  :  1.2 MB (1,169,073 bytes)

español  :  1.2 MB (1,172,007 bytes)

français  :  1.2 MB (1,172,636 bytes)

italiano  :  1.2 MB (1,171,127 bytes)

Nederlands  :  1.2 MB (1,171,109 bytes)

português  :  1.2 MB (1,172,291 bytes)


To install the sample simulations, unzip the file that you have just downloaded by double-clicking on it, and then move the unzipped folder to the desired location. If you don't already have the latest version of AstroGrav, you may need to download that too in order to open the sample simulations.