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Edit / Edit Object...   ('Edit / Edit Object...' icon)

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Edits the currently selected object in the active window.


When you select this command, the object editor will be displayed showing the twelve independent fields that describe the selected object. The upper fields will be the physical elements and the lower fields will be the orbital elements, unless the selected object has no parent, in which case the lower fields will be the absolute elements. You can edit these fields and then choose OK to accept your edits, after which each of the frontmost simulation's open windows will be updated to reflect the change.

There is a Details >> icon (Show more choices icon on a Mac) in the top left corner of the object editor that you can click on to display all the selected object's data elements instead of just the twelve independent ones. This icon will also change to a Details << icon (Show fewer choices icon on a Mac) that you can click on to display just the twelve independent fields again. When the object editor is displaying all the selected object's data elements, some of them will be non-editable. Also, because many of the fields are dependent upon each other, editing one may cause the automatic update of others to maintain consistency.

This command can also be performed by double-clicking on the object that you want to edit.

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