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Window / Export...   ('Window / Export...' icon)

Operating Systems: All
Window Types: All except view windows
Simulation Types: All


Exports the contents of the active window to a text file.


When you select this command, an Export Window file chooser dialog will be displayed. This allows you to navigate your computer's file system to choose a location and name for the exported file. The exported file will be a text representation of the active window's contents, and can be viewed in a text editor, word processor, or spreadsheet application.

In the case of an exported table, the columns are separated by '|' characters. The number of characters in each column reflects what you see on screen, which gives you full control over the number of characters in each column. If you want to view an exported table with a text editor or word processor, you need to view the output using a monospaced font (such as Courier or Monaco) if you want see the columns correctly aligned. If you want to view an exported table with a spreadsheet application (such as Microsoft Excel), you need to tell the software that columns are delimited by '|' characters.

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