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Imports a specified simple text file into a newly created simulation.


When you select this command, an Import Simulation file chooser dialog will be displayed. This allows you to navigate your computer's file system to find and open the file that you are looking for. If the data in the specified file is in a format that AstroGrav recognizes, a new simulation is created that contains the data in the specified file. A default table window is displayed that shows the objects in the imported simulation. No disk file is created to correspond with the imported simulation - this is only done later when you save the simulation explicitly.

If the data in the specified file is in a format that AstroGrav does not recognize, an error message will be displayed. AstroGrav is rather strict in its requirements for the specified file. The tabular information must be in the following form.

Because of these rather strict requirements, it is recommended that you prepare import data by editing an exported simulation, rather than by creating it from scratch.

If you use another application to edit an exported simulation with the intention of then importing the edited data, make sure that you save the edited data in text only format rather than in the application's own format. If you try to import data that has been saved in another application's format, AstroGrav will not be able to correctly interpret the data.

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