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Edit / Split Object...   ('Edit / Split Object...' icon)

Operating Systems: All
Window Types: All
Simulation Types: All


Splits into a rubble pile the currently selected object in the active window.


When you select this command, a dialog will be displayed that allows you to specify how to split the selected object into a rubble pile. This dialog allows you to specify the following.

When you choose OK to accept your edits, the selected object is converted into a rubble pile as specified. If you find that you've got something different to what you expected, you can easily undo the change, and then try specifying the rubble pile again. In particular, if you find that your rubble pile is rotating in the wrong direction, undo the change and then specify the rubble pile again, changing the signs of the three components of the rotation axis.

If you specify too low a rotation period, you will find that the components of the rubble pile fly apart when you evolve the simulation. A higher (but non-infinite) rotation period will cause the rubble pile to bulge at its equator when you evolve the simulation.

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